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Le souvenir perduLe souvenir perdu

Digital Escape Game - 2022

This November day started quietly, with my weekly visit to the doctor. However, on my way home, I had a revelation: today is not a day like the others, I have the feeling that it is an important date! But I can't remember why... Come with me on this day, maybe it will come back.

What is it ?

Le souvenir perdu is a digital escape game in which you help Madeleine in her daily life, by discovering 8 jobs in the health and social sector.


This project was commissioned by the Normandy region to the agency Lost Mechanics. I was in charge of the integration and front-end development of this project as a freelancer.


This project was made using Vue with Nuxt. It is the first in a series of other digital escape games on various other work areas. As such, I had to think of each puzzle as reusable components adapting to a wide range of scenarios.

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